KairosDonor Updates

Service Pack 8.75 is now available to all states and Advisory Councils.  This Service Pack updates KairosDonor to revision 8.75.


Your KairosDonor MUST be at revision 8.29 OR HIGHER in order to install the new 8.75 Service Pack.  If your KairosDonor is not at revision 8.29 or higher, then you perform the update to 8.29 BEFORE attempting to install the new 8.75 update.

                 Service Pack 8.29 Update 
You can download a list of the Changes and Enhancements that are in Service Pack 8.29

           Fixes and Enhancements - 8.29

           Click button to download 8.29 Update


         Service Pack 8.75 Update

You must be at Revision 8.29 or higher in order to update to 8.75. If your KairosDonor is not at 8.29 (or higher), then perform the 8.29 update first.

Click to Download the 8.75 Update



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