Download Service Pack 8.29

You can download the Service Pack update and install it on your system to update your installed copy of KairosDonor. The update will not destroy your accounting or donation data.  However, the update will reformat your data to a new structure, and you must then operate only using the new, 8.29 or later revisions of KairosDonor.  For a detailed set of Installation instructions, click the button here     

1. Click the button below and choose the Save option, and save it to your Desktop.



2. Once the download is complete, go to your Desktop and double click on the Service Pack 8.29 Icon to begin the installation.  If you get a warning about security, click the Run button to allow you to run the Service Pack  Installation program.

If you get a screen during the installation that asks you to confirm your User Account, make sure that the checkbox on that screen that is called “Protect My Computer” is UNCHECKED before continuing.

Download Latest Update

Approximate Download Time:

Should I have a prior Service Pack Installed before installing Service Pack 8.29?

It is not necessary to have a certain Service Pack or any Service Pack installed before installing Service Pack 8.29. The new Service Pack will handle all the details automatically and will apply the proper updates to your system.

The only requirements is that you must have gone through your initial setup after installing KairosDonor from the CD before you install the Service Pack, that you are operating in the “Current Year” of 2014, and that you are not actually running KairosDonor as you install the Service Pack.



56 K Dial Up 15-25 minutes

DSL/Cable 2-5 minutes


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