Audit Fee Rate Error

Service Pack 5.1.1 provided an update to the 2010 Affiliation Fee rate structure.  Unfortunately, the file that controls that dropped the standard Audit Fee of $ 60.00 per weekend. This is purely an error in the file and not a change in ministry financial policy.

When you print the quarterly Affiliation Fee Voucher, this error in the KairosDonor Rate file shows up in the “Reminder” note that you are to pay an Audit Fee of “0.00” per weekend.

The solution is to download a small correction program to your Desktop, and then run the program and the Audit rate will be corrected.  Here are the specific steps you should follow to update your Kairos Donor installation:

1. Make sure you are NOT running KairosDonor.

2. Click this button   Right Click and then "Save Target As"   and select “Save” (Do not select Run) on the File Download screen that pops up. Select your Desktop as the location of where to save the file.

3. When the download to your Desktop is complete, go to your Desktop and double click the item on the Desktop called “karcopy.exe”.  You’ll get a screen that instructs you on how to complete the correction.

4. Start up KairosDonor and print the 1st Quarter Affiliation Fee Voucher. The “Audit Fee Reminder” note should indicate a rate of 60.00 per weekend.


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