Donor and Financial Management

for Kairos Prison Ministry Advisory Councils

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KairosDonor is a windows based software program that is written specifically to assist the Kairos Advisory Council Financial Secretary in implementing the ministry’s Financial Policies & Practices.  Every Advisory Council, whether Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside, or Kairos Torch should be using KairosDonor for nurturing the donor base that supports the local ministry, and for conducting the ministry’s financial stewardship in a consistant manner across the ministry.

This website is also the official home for information and support for the KairosDonor software.

You can access the latest manuals that deal with KairosDonor operations and the ministry’s financial policies.
Click this button to select the desired manual. 

Common Forms                                                                                                     KairosDonor provides all the forms you need to fulfill the Ministry’s Financial Stewardship policies.  However, you can download a copy of some commonly needed forms here:    

You can access detailed instructions for how to create certain commonly used reports by clicking here.               



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